Embracing the art of building

We understand quality building because it is part of our DNA. More than five decades since our founding as small family-run construction business, we still build all of our projects with an in-house construction team. Many of those builders have been part of our company for decades. Our heritage of excellence in construction and institutional knowledge mean we are able execute the most complex architectural designs with confidence and skill. For us, every detail is considered—and every detail matters.



Crafting the best teams for every job

No two projects are alike. On each of our global-class projects we combine the talents of our in-house teams with some of the world’s leading architects and designers, to create truly inspiring spaces. And while we embrace project partners where required, we also reach beyond traditional design and development partners, and collaborate with leaders in the fields of robotic furniture, electric transportation, and fiscal institutions that support homeowner financing. All of our partnerships boost Bosa Properties’ goal of creating new and better experiences for all of our customers. 



Creating meaningful architecture



We don’t just hire famous architects. We create singular and lasting works of architecture with interesting ideas beyond esthetics. Bosa Properties has a record of collaborating with architects and designers of global reputation who have something new to say, whether about rethinking building typologies, improving the health and wellness of occupants, or reshaping cities for the better. The designers we partner with are leaders and visionaries who share our belief in shaping buildings and places that have a positive impact on their environment.  

Leading through innovation

Bosa Properties invests in creativity at every level. We don’t rest on our laurels and we don’t follow trends. We are always thinking beyond the status quo—how to create better living experiences, more efficient work environments, healthier homes, and more livable cities. In addition to our visionary design partners, our in-house teams continually explore new concepts, from health-and-wellness-minded technologies to smart-home innovations to leading-edge materials. For Bosa Properties, innovation is key to improving the lives of our customers and our fellow citizens.